We are seeking out business partners

We are seeking out business partners

Actively seeking out business partners to introduce products or services into foreign markets.

Our group is a team of qualified advisors who are in charge of establishing new business partnerships in the destination markets, both domestic and international. With the experience in seeking out business partners and expanding business relationships, we are in a position to offer the most effective, optimal and best-quality measures.

We have developed a network of 4,000 independent advisors.

The decision to expand business internationally involves reaching out to the potential contractors and cooperating parties. We offer comprehensive and tailor-made assistance in identifying the target group of prospective business partners in the foreign market of choice, according to your individual preferences. Our extensive and dedicated databases include contact data of entrepreneurs from across all countries and market sectors. By relying on precise data, supported by reliable and all-inclusive assistance in selecting the most suitable group of contractors, you will be confident that your entry into a foreign market will be a success, and your business cooperation will be much easier and more productive.

MQX Polska Sp. z o.o. coordinates economic missions and business meetings in and beyond Europe. Economic missions are a perfect opportunity to establish business cooperation as they offer endless business possibilities. We help our clients get in touch with potential business partners and advise them how to prepare for these meetings. By relying on professional business advisors and the extensive database of trading partners, you get the best chance to initiate cooperation with the most suitable group of prospective business partners, and to conveniently reach out to them.

To be successful, business internationalization measures need to be well-prepared before they are implemented. With many years of experience in seeking and developing an international network of business partners, with the know-how and understanding of the specifics of the foreign markets, MQX Polska Sp. z o.o. is able to offer the best measures to help you reach out to new business partners. Dedicated and profiled databases of contractors, economic missions, and business meetings will definitely bear fruit, offering you the chance to establish international business cooperation with foreign contractors.

We offer innovative services qualified as eligible expenses to support the development of companies in the Polish market and internationally, including the relevant measures and submeasures of national and regional operational programs (ROP).

We provide professionalism and individual approach to each client.

In using our services, you will feel confident in your daily operations and in pursuing your business goals. Our experts from across disciplines have a proven track record of experience in implementing specific measures and submeasures. With the advantage of an inter-disciplinary team and the freedom of communication, we are able to collect business intelligence from the market of choice, no matter the differences in language.