Mission and Vision

 Mission and Vision




As a leader in export support, we are committed to create unique market value.

The mission of ABMmedia and MQX Polska Sp. z o.o. is that of developing export activities and increasing international expansion.

We have been supporting businesses in their efforts to enter new markets. MQX Polska Sp. z o.o. (9 years of market experience) and ABMmedia (19 years on the market) have been shaping and implementing pro-export strategies, offering companies the opportunities to achieve the desired business goals in the markets of choice. We continually improve by consistently expanding our research & development efforts that deliver tangible contribution to our operations focused on business internationalization. Our group has evolved into a highly competent and experienced team of experts. We operate through the most extensive network of consultants in Poland and across Europe. MQX Polska Sp. z o.o. and ABMmedia know how to effectively leverage the scale of their operations.

It is within our mission to plan, prepare and implement strategies targeted to develop export activities of companies. MQX Poland successfully bolsters the business operations of SMEs focused on:

  • Business development within the framework of a new business model compiled and implemented in order to streamline business internationalization

  • Carrying out business model auditing operations and developing business model strategies

  • Improving competitiveness and innovativeness of businesses

  • Expanding economic cooperation and business development as part of export activities

  • Delivering support in introducing products and / or services into new markets

  • Promoting products and / or services in domestic and international markets

  • Development and expansion of export sales and company image in target markets

  • Company’s incorporation and promotion in international markets, improving its competitiveness by deploying well-suited export-focused activities

  • Introduction of a B2B business channel

  • Provision of support measures to foster business internationalization

  • Development of company brand in international markets

  • Development of a network of business partners


We have developed a network of 4000 independent business advisors.

You are invited to take advantage of the know-how and extensive experience of independent advisors and experts in the respective target countries, market sectors, or industries, concerning the goods or services that interest you most. All of them are either individuals residing in the country of interest, or legal entities operating in the market of interest, offering extensive experience in their respective fields of specialization.

We also cooperate with researchers and academics in Poland and abroad. By skillfully enforcing measures to strengthen competitiveness of businesses, promote economic cooperation, streamline internationalization of small and medium enterprises, and continue to expand a network of business partners, our clients can became successful in international markets of choice.

The business model audit and the business model strategy are the key instruments which contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of Polish enterprises on the international level. We have a proven track record in delivering new business models as an integral part of expansion to foreign markets.

We offer innovative services qualified as eligible expenses to support the development of companies in the Polish market and internationally, including the relevant measures and submeasures of national and regional operational programs (ROP).

We provide professionalism and individual approach to each client.

In using our services, you will feel confident in your daily operations and in pursuing your business goals. Our experts from across disciplines have a proven track record of experience in implementing specific measures and submeasures. With the advantage of an inter-disciplinary team and the freedom of communication, we are able to collect business intelligence from the market of choice, no matter the differences in language.